Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm in the Loaf! ... Online, that is.

Nothing trumps a mention in the local paper. And for me, that doesn't mean the AJC, but the Creative Loafing. The tabloid sized paper I've been grabbing up automatically every Thursday for the last (mumble mumble) years to find out what bands are coming to town, what classes are being offered, what odd-ball nutjobs made the Blotter, my horoscope and then the leisurely stroll through the food section.

Ahhhhh. Whether or not I've agreed with restaurant reviews, bought 1/2 price gift certificates, or sighed at a recent restaurant closing this has been my favorite part of the Loaf and I've read the Food & Drink section with the casual comfort of chatting with a friend over Sunday morning coffee for years.

And today I find thanks to @savoryexposure on Twitter, behold, the venerable Cliff Bostock has seen fit to put my name in type face. Well smack the seeds off my everything bagel and call my mama! I'm in the Loaf!... online, that is (most print media has moved online at this point right?), at Omnivore Atlanta, where CL food writers Cliff Bostock and Besha Rodell spill the beans on everything that doesn't fit in the Loaf's small Food & Drink section, along with this gem of insight, Some Notes. And that last link, dear reader, is where you will find my proud home-town mention. Today is a great day.

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"In the loaf" that at all like having a bun in the oven? Hm...