Saturday, February 9, 2008


Hey guys!

I know it's been a minute since I updated this site but bear with me. We had technical difficulties and survived a "communications package upgrade" and somehow my computer and my camera have stopped talking to each other so once all of this gets worked out you will see much more from Life Chef's Food for Life. I have LOT to share with you and down here in Georgia, spring is right around the corner. A VERY exciting time for food lovers.

In the mean time check me out at any of these upcoming events (been a busy girl on the speaking circuit!).

Feb. 12 at Lovejoy High School in Hampton presenting Healthy Eating Habits for Teens: Portion and Proportion

Feb. 16 at Hillcrest Church of Christ's Third Annual Health Fair in Decatur presenting Superfoods (and How to Use Them!)

March 18 at Clayton County Govt. HQ in Jonesboro presenting a Healthy Food Tasting for Kaiser Permanente

OK stay tuned and I'll be back with more delicious Food for Life!

Yours in health and good taste,
Asata Reid, Life Chef