Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fall Healthy Cooking Series Launches!

You may have noticed I took the end of the summer off. I was knee deep in kid-tertainment mode and then the Back-to-School shuffle that follows.

And now the first day of fall has come and gone. The kids are back in school and perhaps, like me, you’re now doing across the board inventory. You know getting ready for cooler weather, checking the car out, eyeballing the lawn and the house to see what's needed to get through the winter, pulling out boxes and bags of clothes to see what still fits and what can be donated.

Perhaps, like me, you're even left contemplating your post-summer shape. During the summer I thoroughly enjoy all the barbecue I can eat along with pool side sweet drinks and our latest obsession – Mega Buffets, and I mean anything with a sneeze guard and a warming cart. Not to mention fast food joints and pizza, hotdogs, hamburgers, nachos … well you get the picture. Any and all foods found at the movies, the skating rink, the baseball stadium, amusement parks, packed into picnics and other places we end up going with the kids.

So now that it’s September, I have months of poor eating habits and frivolous indulgences weighing me down. Instead of throwing a pity part, I’m going to do what I do best -- cook! That’s right, and I’m inviting you to join me.

ANNOUNCING: The Fall Healthy Cooking Series!

It’s time to get together and relish the bounty of the fall season, reinvent holiday favorites and rev up the flavor of some cozy, sweater weather dishes.

Let’s delve into soups, stews, compotes and dressings with reckless abandon!

Let’s see how to deliciously and nutritiously navigate traditionally calorie-heavy dishes served during holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Let’s make the most of cool-weather cooking techniques such as braising and roasting to boost the flavor of lean proteins, root vegetables and more!

Let’s come up with after-school snacks and 30 minute meals that are healthy and that the kids still love!

Stay tuned to learn details about some of the upcoming classes. Or to book a class for yourself, a group or organization, just give me a call at 404-513-6468.