Thursday, April 26, 2007

Life Chef's "Six Week Healing Foods Plan"


This original program is customized for each individual to analyze, maximize and implement better eating for better living. In six weeks, you will be empowered to optimize your food choices for better living and achieve personal goals that you determine in health, weight management, time consumption and more. You will have Print Materials, Coaching Support and Practical Application Tools to put your lessons into action for the rest of your life. The steps of the Plan include:

DIETARY ANALYSIS:Food should fit your lifestyle! What are you eating and why? How can you optimize your eating times and choices for optimum performance? I’ll show you how to CHOOSE THE RIGHT FUEL FOR YOUR SYSTEM so that you can fire on all cylinders in every aspect of your life. We’ll assess your health history, current state and ultimate goals and develop a plan to get you there and KEEP YOU THERE.

RECIPE & MENU DEVELOPMENT: You’re not like everyone else, so why should you’re meals be like everyone else’s? I’ll develop recipes and menus that fit your HEALTH GOALS, LIFESTYLE and FOOD PREFERENCES. And I’LL TEACH YOU how to develop your own recipes and menus. The DAILY DIETARY CHEAT SHEET makes eating well simple and fun.

MEAL PLANS: A little planning goes a long way. Armed with my QUICK PLAN techniques and FLAVOR PROFILE CHEAT SHEET, you’ll have less last minute stops to the grocery store, the answer to “What’s for dinner?” will be easily answered and you can spend less than 30 minutes on a meal that will healthfully and flavorfully sustain you and/or your family.

SHOP & COOK: We meet at the grocery store with a PREPARED SHOPPING LIST and take a GROCERY STORE TOUR where I show you what to get and where to find it, and then we go home and prep and/or cook meals that can be stored for easy heat-and-serve convenience. Most people go right for what they normally buy and have no idea of all that is available at their regular market. I will teach you how to SHOP LIKE A CHEF for great deals and ultimate freshness, which will increase the diversity of your diet and BREAK THE “FOOD RUT.”

COOKING CLASS: A few basics will give you a new relationship to food and cooking -- a healthy relationship. The BASICS CLASSES include: Vegetables, Grains 101, Soup and Salad 101, Fish and Shellfish, The Food Pyramid and Serving Sizes, The Pantry Makeover, Tools and Techniques, Soup 101 and Fresh Frozen and Fast Meals. Like all services, the Basics Classes are customized to your specific needs.

WEEKLY CONSULTS: Once a week we’ll spend on hour checking what works and what doesn’t to make sure your Healing Foods Plan works for YOU.

EMAIL/PHONE SUPPORT: To keep our goals active and achievable I am available via phone and email any time, and I will reach out regularly to lend support and answer any questions.

REFERRALS: An entire team of physicians, dieticians/nutritionists, chefs, masseuses and fitness instructors/trainers are available to ensure you meet your health goals and maximize your six week plan.

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