Thursday, April 26, 2007

Life Chef Services


It's like bringing your favorite cooking show into your own home. Get hands on, one-on-one or group instruction with a professional chef who has a decade of industry experience. A wide range of cuisines, themes and techniques are available: Easy Entertaining, The Ultimate Cocktail Party, Elegant Cheese Boards, "Build Your Own" Parties, Great Starts and Finishes, Fantastic Finger Foods, Soup and Salad 101, Power Plant Eating, Five Meals-One Ingredient and more!


I analyze your diet and nutrition, health history, fitness goals and overall well-being. Then I develop recommendations to maximize your health. A full range of specialists are at your disposal to further your education about the greatest investment you can make -- your health: Physicians and specialists, dieticians and nutritionists, counselors and therapists, fitness instructors, body workers, vegan/vegetarian chefs, alternative healing practitioners.


Whether your party consists of 2 or 200, I'll make sure you are utterly catered to. No preprinted menus and services here. Every catered affair is custom designed to fulfill your tastes and preferences. Present food that will leave your guests speechless, or at the very least, talking about your event for a long tome to come. Nearly a decade of special events has given me the experience to create a culinary delight for any occasion.


Food is fun, and changing your relationship to food can save literally save your life. Information about good nutrition can set young people on a healthful path for the long haul, and even give people battling health issues a second chance at living well. Offices, schools and various groups all benefit from learning how to eat to live. And what's better than an easily digestible informational seminar complete with delicious examples? Education and health awareness never tasted so good!


Fad diets are unhealthy, but in order to make permanent healthy changes to your diet, you may need support. The same holds true with entering and exiting fasts. Quick fixes and sudden rapid changes can be detrimental to your body and actually reverse the benefits of fasting or dietary changes. As your Life Chef, I can help you maintain a dietary shift, fast or cleanse by supplying you with the appropriate foods/juices/broths, recipes and non-judgmental support.


Personal Chef services offer many benefits beyond the convenience of having a fridge stocked with delicious food. It's a good way to introduce healthy meals to the entire family, a delicious and luxurious reward for working out and working hard, and an excellent way to support a diet or make a dietary shift. Having a personal chef can ease preparation woes and boost your overall nutrition while diversifying your diet and bringing fun back into meal times. A personal chef can even make fasts and cleanses hassle free.


Shop like a chef and plan like a pro by choosing the freshest most delicious and cost effective ingredients, developing weekly menus in minutes and maintaining a well-stocked pantry. Save time, avoid the dreaded "What's for dinner?" question and actually enjoy mealtimes by taking the Shop & Cook class. The class can be used as a template to simplify shopping and cooking 52 weeks a year, or tailored so you can learn how to pull off entertaining a large group, elegant multi-course dinners and special gatherings like kids’ parties or anniversary dinners.


As a health reporter and food writer, Chef Asata Reid (a.s. reid) has published articles on health and food-related health issues. Copies are available, as well as a variety of helpful tools such as the “Cheat Sheets” on Flavor Profiles, Planning, Shopping and more. Inquire for a detailed listing.


This original program is customized for each individual to analyze, maximize and implement better eating for better living. It includes: Dietary Analysis, Recipe & Menu Development, Meal Plans, Shop & Cook Session, Cooking Classes, Weekly Consultations, and regular Email and telephone support. It may even include Personal Chef Services and Referrals as needed. In six weeks, you will be empowered to optimize your food choices for better living. You will have Print Materials, Coaching Support and Practical Application Tools to put your lessons into action for the rest of your life. For details see the enclosed sheet.

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