Thursday, April 26, 2007

Life Chef FAQ

What is a Life Chef?

A Life Chef is your personal culinary consultant. As your Life Chef, my goal is to help you make food choices that fit your lifestyle, while maximizing the health benefits and empowering you to eat to live. My services will educate and empower you to make the best food choices for your life. Some of your Life Chef services may include: showing you how to plan menus and shop to free up more time; lead fun classes and cooking demos that show how easy eating better can be; and support healthy dietary changes or ease the transitions into and out of fasts.

What's the difference between a Personal Chef and a Life Chef?

Personal chefs prepare foods in clients’ homes or for delivery to clients’ homes. It's a service that is available to you as your Life Chef, but also I offer a wide range of services that will educate and empower you to improve and maintain your health, break out of the “Food Rut” and save time with convenient shopping tips, tools and techniques. Most importantly, everything we do together is tailored to and for you, to fit your lifestyle so that you can actually maintain good habits without depending on me, and without falling "off track" like so many diet and exercise fads.

Why do I need a Life Chef?
Just like a car your body needs top quality fuel to operate at peak levels. Food is the fuel for your body and your life, and regular assessment of that fuel is necessary to see if the food you are eating is actually working for or against you. What do you eat? When do you heat? How do you eat what you eat? And how do all of these factors impact your health, vitality, ability to concentrate and your overall performance. Food impacts how you feel, which can affect how you do what it is you do. As your Life Chef, I not only optimize your diet so that you're getting the best fuel for your life, but I will also teach you how to maintain your "machine" and alleviate potential or existing physical, emotional and spiritual problems that may be tied to food by referral to my network of professionals.

How does this work?

It starts with a phone call so that we can have an understanding of your needs. I may ask you to keep a “food journal” for a week because I need to know how, when and what you eat. Or I may ask a lot of questions about food preferences and dietary habits in order to customize an exciting menu for a special event or dinner for two. Before you know it you will not only be eating healthfully, but you will be able to prepare meals with confidence, or enjoy more free time as you get out of the kitchen, or improve the quality of your life with improved energy, vitality and health.

How much does it cost?

Just like your diet, your services are customized to suit YOU, so after an initial free consultation we’ll have a better idea of what you need and what I can offer.

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