Thursday, April 23, 2009

TASTY II with Spicy Wifey This Sunday

Revamp your nightly repast with an internationally inspired series, customized exclusively for Spicy Wifey by the Life Chef, Asata Reid.

This series is designed to bring the entire family to the table! Everyday ingredients get a makeover and take center stage in sexy, delicious, nutritious meals that will have you canceling those restaurant reservations and coming home for dinner night after night!

This cooking demonstration will present seasoned cooks with fresh ideas and provide those new to cooking with a great place to start. Surprise your mate with a spicy new dish! This session will explore Asian flavors and feature wine and cocktail pairings with each tasty course! These sessions are informative, fun and TASTY!

Turkey-ginger potstickers with nappa cabbage slaw
Chilled soba noodles with shiitakes and green onions
Sliced chicken with spicy braised bok choy
Sesame garlic long beans

- Ladies Only!
Register Now at, click "shop spicy wifey" - Only $40.00

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