Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Life Chef Fact Sheet

* Life Chef was started by food/wellness journalist and professional chef, Asata Reid.

* Life Chef teaches Asata's "Food for Life" philosophy, which uses great tasting and nutritious food as the fun, delicious and easy medium for wellness education.

* Asata created Life Chef to provide the "what's missing" in helping America learn how to eat to live, instead of just living to eat.


Life Chef makes healthy eating fun with:
* Hands-on cooking demonstrations
* Quick and easy menu planning
* Time-saving shopping tips
* Delicious and nutritious recipes
* Cooking classes for any age group
* Catering and "Chef Parties"

Life Chef makes learning healthy food choices easy with:
* Dietary and wellness consultations
* Individual classes
* Easy to follow articles and charts
* Customized group sessions
* Personal chef services
* Support of locally grown produce

According to Asata, Life Chef presents the a blogsite at to “put faces on the food we eat.” On it she posts articles, interviews and recipes from local growers, restaurants and every day people who are a part of the “circle of food.”

“We all have to eat,” Asata said. “The ‘circle of food’ encompasses all of us. Food is our common ground. My hope is to put a face on the community garden, a face on the local organic-supporting market, a face on the restaurant and the chef, the dietician and wellness worker that want us all to eat better.”

Visit to join the community and participate in the “circle of food.”

To find out more about classes, discussions and upcoming programs, or to book a Life Chef program for yourself or your organization contact Asata Reid at or, or visit for more information.

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