Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Life Chef Classes

To spread information about better eating and food-related wellness throughout the community, Life Chef offers classes and seminars for groups and organizations.

Life Chef 101 Series cooking techniques that lay the groundwork for eating well.
* Soup 101
* Salad, Sandwiches & Wraps 101
* Vegetarian Cooking 101
* Herbs and Spices 101
* Bake, Broil, Steam and Saute 101
* Fish & Shellfish 101

Superfood Recipes Series ancient healing ingredients with today's flavors.
* Grains and Beans: Unlock Your Energy Potential
* Greens, Glorious Greens: Global Recipes for these Powerful Antioxidants
* One-Two-Three Knockout: Fight Cancer, Stroke and Chronic Disease"
* Cooking by Color: Find Powerful Nutrients in a Beautiful Dish
* Regional, Seasonal, Local: Support Agriculture that Supports Your Health

Food for Life Series everyday foods that promote health and fight disease.
* The Mature Woman's Guide: Menopause and Beyond
* Food for Men: A Lifetime of Health & Vitality
* Preconception & Prenatal Eating: Getting Your Body to Ready for Baby
* Love Your Heart: Eating for Hypertension
* Finding Balance: Diabetes and Food

Table for One Series "less is more" for singles, students, divorcees and empty-nesters.
* Plan It, Prep It but Don't Sweat It: easy plan and prep for non-cookers
* The Starter Kitchen: Foods and Tools for a well-stocked kitchen.
* The Repertoire: Your “Signature” Recipes for Every Occasion

Kids Can Cook Series kid focused, food that’s easy, fun and tasty.
* Snack Attack: Healthy After School Snacks for Middle Schoolers
* Me Cook Too! Fun for Preschoolers and Caregivers
* Power On: Fuel for High School Athletes

New classes are being formed continuously so ask for details contact Asata Reid at or, or visit for more information.

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