Friday, April 27, 2007

Food for Life: One Year of Healthful Living

Life Chef™ presents a new class

Food for Life: One Year of Healthful Living©

* Trade in your old habits for a permanent healthy lifestyle in one year.
* Learn delicious and nutritious ways to create a healthier you.
* Get a year’s worth of practical tips that you can start using right now.

You Will Receive:
1. “Food for Life: One Year of Healthful Living”© which includes 52 tips – 1 for each week of the year -- backed by science, industry and research that you can begin implement into your life immediately.

2. Cooking demonstrations and recipes illustrating nutritious, flavor boosting techniques taught by a classically trained professional chef.

3. Articles on health and wellness written by a veteran food and health journalist, and compiled from experts in holistic health, the food industry and the medical field.

4. Practical, no-nonsense information that you can use today regardless of your current health or diet to begin making permanent changes for a more healthful life.

5. References so that you can see the facts for yourself as you tailor your diet to fit your personal goals and make long-term improvements in your lifestyle.

This class is now being offered to groups in an effort to spread healthy living throughout the community!
* 10 person minimum for group rates of $35 per person
* Discounts for groups of 20 or more
* Discounts for non-profits

Ask about how you can get a FREE 1-hour lifestyle analysis when you book a group of 20+!
(Session will be scheduled after the presentation date.)

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