Saturday, May 30, 2009

Food for Thought

Here's some reading I've been doing. I share a lot of this on Twitter @ChefAsata, but thought I'd do a collective post here for those who aren't on Twitter (which is a LOT of people). This is an interesting world we live in and I'm always open to learning, seeing new points of view and stimulating some critical thinking. Enjoy!

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Who's king now? - King Corn, meet Big Oil -
RT @food_democracy

Food poisoning sux. Play it safe. Now that summer's here, leftover food safety is especially important! RT @savvyveg

Now that's FRESH! Meeting, Then Eating, the Goat RT @nytimesdining

5 Cancer-Fighting Garden Herbs RT @savvyveg via @namaste_vayo

Study points 2 common pesticides & pollutants. Is the Environment Making Us Fat and Sick? RT @OrganicConsumer

Technique talk. Practical guide to sous vide cooking RT @eatwelloften

Stellar! Home made butter. Total 'why didn't I think of that?' moment! RT @JenniferPerillo

10 Tips to Help You Grill Like a Man RT @easy_appetizers

Why a calorie isn’t just a calorie RT @fitdelicious

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